Kimonos and Cowboy Hats

Growing up all over India made me a traveler with spirit at a very young age. I have had many encounters with places and people which I treasure very much. I want to see the whole world and watch different cultures at a close step, this planet is so vast and I want to capture it in me.

I want to connect with the nature as one and become matter that floats in a timeless era. There is a queer feeling when you visit a new place and meet new people, At times i am interested to know more about their generations carrying the rich values of their ancestors. When I ride to the remote areas there is a sense of oneness and happiness in me because that time to take myself along the places is a sheer pleasure and effortless.

People watch as you fly by them and travelers are always greeted with smiles everywhere. You got to see the people working in paddy fields, you have to see them collect shrimps from the salt water lakes, you got to see the people plucking mangoes from the trees, and if I say all this for a living. I would be wrong, it would be a very casual idea as this is the most beautiful forms of life which only chosen one’s can experience it.

A person who does not like to travel according to me lacks real enthusiasm in life. You need a change always, so pack your bags and get out somewhere. No matter where but take yourself to the epitome of this natures delight. This nature and planet has so much to offer and do not loose out yourself in this concrete jungle. I always wait for a chance to excite myself and gift me like this, also my to do list is full of magnanimous places which I just need to visit. But no matter what I am going to be there and show it to you all. I will show you the mysteries and interact here so get your kimonos and cowboy hats for i am here to stay with you.


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