Animated Discussions

I share a practice of spreading my experience and views though this window. It would be impossible to convince different people and at the same time prove theories along with their understanding. To be honest I observe people in animated discussion always, it gives me an insight to understand people more effectively and understand myself better. Few instances make me remember my past also and how i have handled such situations.

I was walking by the streets in Dharwad two weeks ago, I had been to TATA Motors for an onsite installation. While I walked something caught my attention and i saw a group of children scurrying in the back of an auto to ride out for their school. I watched a boy was not happy with the seat and he asked his friend to move a bit, His friend readily obliged and both of them seated in their seats muttered away somethings and their vehicle moved. What i noticed here was the small friend who readily gave up his seat to accommodate his small friend and the boy who demanded the seat smiled away for getting his seat.It is very essential for human behaviors to begin at this level and definitely It means a lot to everyone.

After a week in Chennai, I was hanging in a utterly crowded bus to reach my destination and a certain guy also sitting in the bus collected his ticket from the conductor. Now , the conductor had returned him eighty rupees back to his hundred and the ticket cost only ten rupees. The man informed the conductor that he had missed out on returning him his ten rupees. The conductor dutifully obliged collected the money from his hands and counted it again, on noticing that he had given him the wrong sum he then gave him the remaining ten rupees. Ten rupees would not be a big money deal today projecting what it was earlier, but how many of us really become very alert on spotting a mistake of others and particularly when it is something related to money.

The list of such events is unexhaustive and the question relates as to how is this to be tackled. All of us could find ourselves in such situations and if you agree I would like to see you here scribbling something.


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