Listen and Learn

Chances are that you may wonder what my blog holds for you. Well it might actually depend about what you think about the way i want to convey my feelings. I am enjoying my life and like a typical human i at times do grumble about situations.

I have so many beautiful friends around me. The one’s i grew up with have been in different lands now and since the inception of networking i have been in touch with a lot many friends daily and i enjoy spending time with them at the end of the day as it relieves me and relaxes a lot. Yesterday i met my friend at a restaurant and we had some talk time. I was sipping my cranberries tinted with lemon and was enjoying the conversation. This restaurant opened recently and offers very good food and  the waiter was called and asked for the  menu to continue our grub delights.

My journalist friend happened to be conversing with the assistant manager and asked all the young waiter’s to listen and learn from him. Something made me think and that line hit me in the head. That’s what i have to do always, and i hope to regularly use this everywhere.

All of us need guidance at different instances and the way things go need to be taken into action. I am not offending anyone but you can consider this as my gyan for the week.



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