Are dreams for real and if they are not? How is it that you dream? What happens to you when you sleep? During my school days i remember our scholars explained that dream is a state of total rest attained by the human body and mind. The body is at super state of rest and the mind is awake.

The eye movement is not relaxed, under your eyelids the eyes are moving rapidly and this state is known as the Rapid Eye Movement. I certainly agree with science sorting out an explanation in this sense. But, i have and will always ponder as what is dream? It is a beautiful illusion, is it not! How is that unknown content created and felt. Sometime’s it is a deja vu, it’s a mystery. There would always be justified answers, but there is something unknown to man too about dreams. How else would you dream about a cine woman with you, driving in expensive mobiles, riding tigers, hanging on with unicorns, fly with wings over mountains, supernatural or natural and when you wake up it is all gone.

At times you are sad and at times you are relieved to wake up from a dream. The whole point is that the dreams are just a natural part of your routine and we just tend to brush it off like a casual program. I feel it is a phenomenon and no two dreams are alike. Dreams can destroy you and at the same time make you realize what your prowess is. It is good to dream and be positive but that should not keep you down from your day.


What you see and what you don't
What you see and what you don’t

Dreams are real and  it is your zone to know what you are. It will make you fight the fights and bring out the you in you. And when you finally know what it is, you will wake up.


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