Mr Mew and Mr White Man

We reside in Bangalore and there have been many occasions where in we have adopted pets. We had a Labrador whose name was scorpy and he was with us for a good ten years. After he passed away two and a half years ago, he left a huge void in the family.

We needed another pet at home, from nowhere a stray dog started to visit us and guard our front gate. Call this divine or karma but it was needed. He was a fully grown dog and i was so used to feed scorpy that i was missing giving him his daily siesta. I slowly started to feed the stray some milk and buns. Initially he was scared and reluctant to take the bite, later he dropped hid inhibitions. Those days we had demolished our house and were in the process of constructing a new structure. So the stray was named as ‘white man’ by my younger brother and slowly started to live with us. It was a full two months since the house warming ceremony was over and yet the gates were not put up in our house. So, ‘white man’ slowly made the entrance his new frontier. Now he has moved to the terrace and hangs his head in between the railings  and peeps the who’s who on the roads. At nights he jumps the gates and is outside on the road, by daybreak he is ready for his nirvana.

We have got used to him and so is he, but since he is stray his manners are not good and rushes towards people who visit us. Pets are cared and they know what to do and what not to do. I do not like to use violence against animals to teach them whats right and whats not, but at times things are out of control.

Three days ago again we had a new visitor and this time it is a small kitten. He is a orange white boy and mewing all around, right now i have named him Mr Mew and he is enjoying his purrs. He is dozing beside the laptop and at times peeping into the bright light  that’s scrolling down. They are so beautiful with just their actions and i am loving it.


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