Success story – I Never Give Up

Sometime ago in 2012 September i woke up early in the morning and decided to take a walk in the university area near my house. I am a early riser but on the fitness side i used to back up a bit after taking some initiative. Somewhere i had decided that on the fitness front their won’t be any compromises with self and i will strive hard towards it.

So, walking in the morning i came across different people taking walks, running, exercising and it kicked my senses to do something with myself. The air at that hour of the morning has a very sweet scent and i love it. I started to run in that particular month, slowly step by step and dub by dub i ran hard on the road. Initially i got tired very soon with heavy breaths chugging down my lungs. I learn’t that there needs to be a technique to run and slowly i learn’t my posture, the movement of hands, legs, the shoulders and the position of neck. Everything was coming into picture and was not effortless.

I was able to make the initial breakthrough and then i came across a elevated road, now this road was the real challenge. It was not steep but it runs for around more than a kilometer and then elevates to another level. My challenge was to run this road at a stretch and never stop. Every week i came back and i found it hard to cross it, i would stop in between walk to complete this road and then start running again. But, this was not the way i wanted to run and so i tried harder. I was not able to make it and then after several attempts i decided that i did not have a point to prove on my fitness level and i decided to stop.

I thought of giving one last try and it was a do or die. I ran last Sunday and i never looked back. I ran and ran and i did not allow my mind to control the body. The body told the mind that this is done and after completing the elevated stretch i did not stop. I ran towards the end and i never wanted to stop. Now when you set standards, you do not stop. I ran again today and will continue with new targets and i will definitely keep my cue for long.


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