I am in My elements

I am in my elements. This sentence has too much of depth in a personality and it definitely reflects everywhere. At present i feel i am in my elements. very recently I was passing by a road and came across a big hoarding, and i read “Happiness comes when most unexpected”. I tried to understand it and felt it. I just wished it happens with me also, after all everyone wants to be happy inwards and ouwards.

Look inwards and you will what you are yourself in times of happiness. Also when you are sad or stressed out you have to experience what you are. You will reflect all that positive energy in everybody and it is very important to be in your elements. I like the concept of blue star which is a rare celestial event and i compare myself with the “Blue Star”. It is really me and i shine always leaving everyone else apart and i differ from others. My aura is not obstructed from others and i walk over a new path. I see a new light and everything else makes way for me.

I do not like to be in a comfort zone to enjoy life. I strive hard and work hard, for i believe that the steps i take to know the unknown has to help others too. To be with me has to be a joy and i want to spread it to others. I will illuminate it magnificiently for i am the “Blue Star”. I am going to make it happen again and again.


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