When i passed by Mr Gandhi

Last Sunday I had been to Orion Mall, as I was making a dash to the local Puma store which had a season ending sale and I had eyed something in particular few days ago. I walked into the mall and the crowd was just starting to fill in on a Sunday morning  and deliberately took some time to make a choice over the color of the sweat jumper i needed to buy.

I then left the mall and took a road which i was not supposed to take. On regular days this road does have some traffic congestion, but on that day it altogether took to a new level and then i suddenly saw the hoardings that Mr Rahul Gandhi was visiting the city. Slowly cursing everyone i moved and it took me more than a while of while’s to reach airport road, at this point i had crossed several Mr white Traffic police men who were intensely monitoring the traffic which on normal days would be just a casual affair by them.

And then suddenly a convoy moved along on the opposite road and i saw Mr Rahul Gandhi seated in a Toyota Innova very relaxed. At this instant I was excited to see him and  then also these politicians move freely at the cost of common man’s liberty of time. Hope some alternative is found to this which would not disturb our time too. If time is important on your side then it is important to me too.


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