Howrah Ride

It was a busy November, and i had been to Kolkata on an official visit. It takes around 38 hours by train to reach Kolkata from Bangalore. I was a looking forward to be there as this was my third visit to the City Of joy.

This time my location was Howrah and i got time to visit the iconic Howrah bridge. This bridge is built of steel structures and it connects the Howrah district with the Kolkata. Initially i had no idea that the bridge was so magnanimous but the moment i was walking on it i have to tell you it was a nostalgic moment and i will never forget it for my life.

I walked towards the other end and i reached the famous barra bazaar and you can find this market busy even at 9:30 in the night. I took a stroll and stopped at a local sweet meat shop, i was waiting from bangalore to swallow the mouth watering rosogolla. I had quite a few and bought a few to carry back home too. I liked the dark jamoon, son papdi and agra pedha. I am quite a bee on sweets.

As my visit ended and my ticket was not confirmed to return, i had a panic but it settled down with the confirmation on the day of journey. I saw real India by travelling in train and the beautiful rivers Godavari and Krishna filled my mind with ecstasy. Waiting for my next trip down and hoping it to be better than ever.


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