Seb the Crusader

Last week i was watching the Indian Grand Prix that was held at the Buddh International Circuit in Delhi. I am not a big F1 fan but i like to follow it and keep a track of the races. The machines in these races are too good to be missed.

Two years ago when F1 was about to be launched in India for the first time, Lewis Hamilton was flown to Bangalore for a promotional drive and i saw him driving his car on the NICE road junction in Bangalore. A small portion of the road was converted into a track for him and his machine. He arrived and raced his car for a good one hour in that small stretch with great enthusiasm and precision. The make shift stands were made to accommodate the crowd with a expected capacity of four thousand. On the day of event however the stands were not sufficient and there was a thirty thousand strong crowd in that small place. I loved the show though i did not get a seat to sit and had to wait outside the barricades to see Lewis driving. Why did i strain myself? I just wanted to watch that car and also Hamilton very closely and nothing would compromise that.

Now in India, 2013 the race was going good. There was a  moment when Webber retired due to a engine failure and he got out of the car to proceed towards the pit stop. When he started to walk the whole crowd behind the track started to gather around and watch him. I was simply amazed as though none of the drivers are from India, and yet we follow the sport very closely.

Sebestian Vettel had won the previous two editions and he completed a Hatrick of victories in BIC. He accomplished a Legendary feat of getting the drivers title continuously for the fourth time in a row. He has equaled Michael Schumacher in such a kind of statistic. The moment he won and after completing his victory lap, Vettel spun his car for a 360 degree in front of the grand stand and bowed in front of the car. He also gestured by throwing away his gloves to the crowd. I closely watched him as he was emotional on winning it. The revving engines had stopped and Sebestian is going to celebrate this victory for a long time. I will wait again for the next year’s grand Prix to watch this piece of action.


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