Be a Sport

Everyone looks up to someone in life, to follow in their footsteps or dream of a lifestyle like your hero has. Those were the days of Ben Johnson, Mike Tyson, Pete Sampras, Steffi Graff and many more whom i cannot recall right now. All these icons had one thing in common and they were sporting legends.

If we keep aside the scandals in which “Iron Mike” as Mike Tyson was fondly known and Ben Johnson, i wanted to see how hard they might have trained to reach that pinnacle. Every sports person trains but there is something extra which puts you aside in that league of excel. Pete and Steffi have been legends in their tennis games and no one was able to take away their game from them for almost a decade.

They lived their life with aggression but of a different kind, and i want that look of aggression in my eyes. The world holds such fantastic people who have achieved so much in so little time. We want to borrow a bit of their attitude to learn a little of that attitude which prevailed in them day after day and made them pursue goal after goal to scale new heights with renewed passion. The world would be full of many more who would break a few more records and make history. I am waiting for all that to see the seeds of the world.


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