As i waited

With my sleep not yet over I kept my blanket aside and pulled up my jacket. Slowly i walked and realised there was much humidity in the climate. I unzipped my jacket and waited in the stand. I just realised people are more alert in the morning and highly organised. Where is the question of chaos?

My wait continued and i slowly turned back to witness a scuffle, at the receiving end was a young woman getting bashed up by her husband very badly. It was very inhumane and i was feeling very sorry for her, someone in the crowd had to come forward and stop the man. However he continued to deliver few more blows and i was getting angrier by now. Sometime later a crowd had swelled up and the man was receiving warnings at regular intervals from different men assembled there , he at once realised that his game would be up if he did not stop at that moment. In the end it was his own woman who rescued him and took him away from that scene to save his bones from being shattered, it was so sad that this happens only in India.

There were few from the crowd who were sleeping on the pavement and i noticed the Mufti arriving who were skittled away all of them by weilding their lathi’s. I continued to wait and saw the lights go off in the tall search light in front of me, it was very much the arrival of daybreak. Along came my colleague’s and i was delighted as my wait was over, as i turned my watch it was 6 am already and an entire hour had passed away in the Koyembed bus stand of Chennai.



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