A New Structure

The beginning of this week took me to a new establishment of one of the leading Aerospace company on the outskirts of Bangalore. I have been to many facilities for machine troubleshooting but Aerospace was the first experience and I must really admit that it blew me away. My feet were off the ground, I took off from the runway. The facility has so many big monolithic instruments and it was very much interesting to know the role they play in the testing and research process.

We had to unpack our instrument and place it in one of the departments, we faced few hiccups but the job was done at the end of the day. I was just thinking of winding up for the day and outside the lab my curious eyes hit upon something, i wanted to take a close look. I walked in it’s direction and came across the “TITAN” among all the instruments I have witnessed until now. I was intrigued and was informed that it was “Belotti”, a 5 point CNC machining equipment. My day was made and i thanked the almighty of showing me something new. I wish to interact with such machines and work on it. It would be so fascinating and enthusiastic. Cheers Belotti!!!


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