Life is a Lesson

Life is a struggle for existence and almost all of us ridiculously think of a way to cover up. In this existence only the fittest of them survive and you have to be moving along with the flow. I believe it to be very true that time and tide never wait for anyone.

There are beautiful memories in our life and people have forgotten those days from where they graduated into adolescence. You have to just pick up those brave moments where you faced some opposition or difficulties  and how you overcame it. The child in you has to wake up for you to rise above this mundane world. There is no substitute to hard work and keep those actions motivated always.

Relieve yourself of all the inhibitions and carry on with firm shoulders and fuel your desire for you are not aged to sit and daydream. You got to wake up and start changing. Bring a small change in you and build your strength because if weakness wins then you fail.


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