I wanted to close the busy fortnight by watching some decent movie. So me and my friend ended up at the garuda, i wanted to watch Chennai Express as i was curious to know the reason why the movie is becoming a hit.

When we reached CE had already started and we had missed a good ten minutes. I do not belong to this category where i can start to watch the movie after i have missed the beginning. So, we quickly redrafted the plan and booked our tickets for Zanjeer.

I watched the original zanjeer as a kid long ago in chandigarh, we cannot draw comparisons because remake is a remake and that calls for full stop. Now saying so i do not discard that the movie is a bluff. Mr Ram Charan as a newbie to the Bollywood has excelled way beyond my expectations. His dialogue delivery, action sequences and accent was very good and Priyanka, Mahie, along with Prakash Rai punched in so much of humor. It was really fun and though Ram had to wear some soles on his shoes to match Priyanka. It is a enjoyable and a movie where you can sit and expect something to happen.


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