Stay Focused

These two words create an awareness, so much to that it represents two phases of the same state. We sometimes dwell so much about stay and focused and try to understand it. You are into a process and break so much of your thoughts into it.

Look at the flower vendor in the street, what would she know about stay and focused. She carries a basket of flowers on her head with so much of simplicity and carries the basket for the entire day without loosing her balance. Shouts out in the streets to sell her loads for the entire day and yet would not crib if her stock of flowers is not sold out. For she is a strong woman and needs to make her ends meet by balancing two opposing energies at the same time.

How many of us can try to do this job for ten minutes?You can’t, simply because everyone is searching for stay and focused.

I hope i have put my point across to you today and always remember in pursuit of life we need to stay focused.


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