Solpa Help Maadi Sir

Last week on 14th of August, i was returning home along with my senior on his bike. It had taken us a marathon two and a half hours to reach the city from our site. For all those MNC techies it was a boon as thursday being August the 15th was a national holiday and if they took a day off meant they would have 4 days of break at a length. So there was so much of traffic congestion and to worsen our plight it was raining pretty much. I was carrying a panel of an instrument which needed some modification and it was 3ft X 3ft. It was requiring some effort to hold it up as i was drained out sitting on the bike for so long now.

We entered the bylanes of Madiwala and saw a small mobile goods carrier stuck its front wheel in slush. The driver and the helper in the vehicle were trying to push the vehicle but it was stuck way deep inside. I got down from the bike and along with the panel in my hand walked towards the ditch and crossed it watching them put their strengths to move the vehicle. The next moment it was funny my senior rode his bike right in to the ditch, the two guys immediately proceeded towards him and i kept the panel aside nearby a house and went to help my senior. The bike was removed from the slush and then the driver told us “Saar namge solpa help maadi” and Heave Ho!! the three of us pushed the vehicle from front with some effort the utility came out of the ditch. The driver was very happy and thanked us profoundly as if not It could have caused a traffic block with people not understanding to help him.

However initially even i just walked away and only after our bike got stuck we approached to help him. I think people sometimes need to be helped at such times and whatever happened i went back happy to my home thinking about the way the driver expressed his happiness towards us.


About The Wall Of Fusions

I am an Electronic Engineer by education and a Service Engineer by profession. Born and brought-up in Delhi, Chandigarh, Manipal, Bangalore. Bangalore is my home and it is very beautiful out here. My all time favorites are a plate of steaming idlis & vadas with piping hot sambar . This is a typical South Indian breakfast and I have survived on it as old as I am. Working in the Service Engineering profile has given me a lot of exposure about scientific business activities and it is a good learning experience. By providing first hand support to customers for their automated material quantizing and qualitative instruments which always need to perform better, I understand the techniques to keep up-to the challenge and Vinayak has continuously striven hard to improve his self, education and techniques by constant reading and implementation. His passion lies in implementing and learning new strategies. Vinayak is a Post Graduate in MBA from Sikkim Manipal of the Manipal University. The Blog here, "Wall Of Fusions", is an attempt to get close to like minded bloggers who love to share their experiences. My blog is a wall of my personal as well as professional experiences, I travel a lot since my profession demands it and I come across so many different people and various cultures with different recipes. I do not write about a significant genre here, I would give everything else other than that. So while you go ahead and read the experiences I share, if you throw back some of your's that would definitely serve a lot of purpose.
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