My Odyssey

My Odyssey-
“In the middle of the night
darkness engulfed me,
I followed a butterfly’s erratic flight
because i never had time.

I saw everyone caparisoned
thought it was a mystery,
but everyone had flown
and i realised it was history.

I cried for my defeat
procrastinating my duty,
again and again on the destiny’s seat
for it was my own mutiny.

And then there was zueira
the freak fantasy got me in,
I spread my wings again like just out of a testa
as if it was a swedish sword i only wanted to win.

In the watering hole i saw my face
wondering was it just a dream,
No! my phantom amazed me with his gaze
i let out a intergalactic scream.

Hey you, watch out for me
this was not just the beginning of the race,
I am the broca’s brain you see
for the identity of parentage is my mace.”


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