You are so predicatable

Why do people react at times in haste and make an easy assessment that you are so predictable. Whenever someone speaks of you like this then, does it mean that you were on their radar for quite sometime now and you need to get your checklist of priorities right away. You need to be at your table immediately and the drawing boards making all your plans and reasoning for you being too open to their ideals.

If you are indeed lacking something then you have to ensure that you pick up yourself fast and do not have any shortfalls. We are not in this world to impress others by our appearance but knowledge definitely matters most in shaping a character.

I say give more preference to your education, to your culture and to your language which will make you more intellect. Do not be gullible and at times it does happen that everyone makes mistakes and after all who does not? Create your boundaries and people who do say that you are predictable, at last run a check on them. Whether is it really their job to predict people on their personification.


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