The three D’s -…

The Three D’s – “Determination, Dedication and Discipline”.

During my school days and at one of the annual vacations i decided to attend a leadership camp along with a friend of mine who happened to be my classmate also. The camp was on the outskirts of Bangalore and at a resort. The atmosphere was wonderful as there were around more than a fifty odd children belonging to different schools from the city.

The entire event was for two nights and three days, there were lots of fun activities, leadership talks, personality development, trekking, games and many other things which kept us occupied through out. Howerver we were in for a surprise and on the second day of the camp all of us were stunned to find India’s legendary wicket keeper “Syed Kirmani” right in front of us. He had been invited for a talk. He told lot a many stories about his passion for the cricket and also his story. At some point in the conversation he mentioned about the Three D’s for life, He said “if you abide by these three D’s – Determination, Dedication and Discipline and then you can achieve anything in life”.

Etched are his words in my memory even today and it is very much true that i have applied this concept of Three D’s in my life. You might reach a certain point in life after what you have got, but to reach there and carry on from where you have reached has to be a very determined. Whatever route or aimbition you take up has to be very dedicated and for you to ultimately reach that goal you have to be very disciplined.


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