Rush Hour

Finally it’s swearing time again. Every morning when i ride to my office on my motor cycle, I come across so many genres of people driving around me. Few of them follow all the rules of the traffic and move systematically and then there are an equal amount of rule breakers. Not even a single day has passed without me  witnessing a sight where two or more people are cussing, abusing and swearing at each other, either because of banging into each other or just missing a due visit to hospital in the event of what might have been a crash, as to sheer negligence of their riding ways. Why does this happen? Why does this has to happen on the road? I do not know and i think people accelerate such situations by bringing in their personal problems onto the road. The road is not a playground for emotions, i always wish for safer roads and sensible riders. I have seen people rush during the “Rush Hour” and hope people to ride and drive with some sense.


About The Wall Of Fusions

I am an Electronic Engineer by education and a Service Engineer by profession. Born and brought-up in Delhi, Chandigarh, Manipal, Bangalore. Bangalore is my home and it is very beautiful out here. My all time favorites are a plate of steaming idlis & vadas with piping hot sambar . This is a typical South Indian breakfast and I have survived on it as old as I am. Working in the Service Engineering profile has given me a lot of exposure about scientific business activities and it is a good learning experience. By providing first hand support to customers for their automated material quantizing and qualitative instruments which always need to perform better, I understand the techniques to keep up-to the challenge and Vinayak has continuously striven hard to improve his self, education and techniques by constant reading and implementation. His passion lies in implementing and learning new strategies. Vinayak is a Post Graduate in MBA from Sikkim Manipal of the Manipal University. The Blog here, "Wall Of Fusions", is an attempt to get close to like minded bloggers who love to share their experiences. My blog is a wall of my personal as well as professional experiences, I travel a lot since my profession demands it and I come across so many different people and various cultures with different recipes. I do not write about a significant genre here, I would give everything else other than that. So while you go ahead and read the experiences I share, if you throw back some of your's that would definitely serve a lot of purpose.
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One Response to Rush Hour

  1. vivek g kamath says:

    Very true….


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